Dating For The Over Forties

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What to include;

  • Interests

  • Hobbies

  • Work (previous and present)

  • Family, friends and pets.

  • What sort of relationship you are looking for.

  • What you are looking for in a partner/friend.

3 H's Humility, Honesty and Humour.

Humility prevents boasting and also ensures that you are marketing yourself without the need to sound arrogant.

  • While confidence is important, you must bear in mind that over-selling yourself could lead to disappointment and dating failure.

  • Alongside this, it is important not to only state what you don't want but instead what you do want, a negative voice like this will only seek to deter other members contacting you.

  • Perhaps once you have written your own profile write one for your perfect match, then you have a personal clear idea of what you‘re looking for.

It is better to be positive and engaging as opposed to negative and dismissive.

  • It is better to be positive and engaging as opposed to negative and dismissive.

Honesty is an obvious trait hoped for in a relationship, so it is important to ensure this is evident from the beginning.

  • This may seem obvious but it is worth giving this some consideration or even getting a friend to help you.

  • To create the best profile for you its important that you get to know yourself. This may sound basic but it is important to ask yourself some searching questions, find out what you really like and don't like, think about what has worked for you in past relationships and what has not, what do you find attractive, what personality types you bond with etc. This can sometime be a little emotional but it's important to be honest with yourself.

  • Eight out of ten people believe their dates are being less than honest during their first encounter, so prove them wrong! Dishonesty may get you your first date but if it is longevity you are after then honesty is the best policy.

  • Also being honest and clear about your intentions will ensure the right sort of members contact you.

Humour is an easy way to stand out from the crowd.

  • A good sense of humour is the most reoccurring theme on an individuals list of wants in a new partner.

  • The worst thing you can do is to write a boring profile, so why not use this attribute to your advantage and spice up your profile with an injection of light hearted humour.

  • It is important however to ensure that in doing so you do not offend other members and so have the opposite effect.

  • Always bear in mind that humour does not always transfer well over the internet and so it is important to make your jokes universal and relatively simple.


When posting a personal profile, never underestimate the impact of a photo. Including a picture is the best way to increase responses to your profile. But remember to be shrewd as your picture reveals a lot about how you present yourself to the world and how you view yourself.

  • Choose a recent photo, older photos can be deceptive and lead to misconceptions.

  • A clear, well-lit picture will make you more appealing ,as it wont appear as if you are attempting to obscure the picture in the dark as you have something to hide.

  • Ensure your initial photo is one of just you! Subsequent photos can include your friends but you don't want to confuse people looking at your profile.

  • Show off how you look on an average day, other members want to see the real you. Dress nicely, but don't over do it.

  • Include pictures of people that are important to you, such as grandchildren, this will illustrate your priorities and show where your priorities lie.

  • Don't forget to flaunt your smile. A happy face is much more alluring than a smug or cross one.

With 7 out of 10 people not discounting the possibility of love at first sight, first impressions count!